Life is full of slogans and mantras...

At Surface Financial, the idea that guides us is "Personal Finance from the ground up!" We all want to provide for our family, be able to afford our retirement, prevent debts from passing on to loved ones, protect our businesses, or simply cover final expenses.  Surface Financial prides itself on working with you to find solutions that enable you to meet your financial needs while addressing three core issues involved in every financial decision - Cost, Risk and Benefit. Whether you are concerned with personal insurance, financial planning strategies, or simply indentifying appropriate financial tools, your best interests are our driving force.

INSURANCE: No financial plan can be considered complete without addressing your insurance needs. As such, Surface Financial offers Life and Disability insurance coverage from a number of well respected providers. We proudly offer residents of Wisconsin Long-term disability as well as any of three types of life coverage: term, whole life, or final expense policies.  We offer these specific products because we feel they are most appropriate for addressing financial planning needs of most people.

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INVESTMENTS AND RETIREMENT PLANNING: In addition to insurance, Surface Financial Llc is also able to offer clients a full menu of investment advisory and financial planning services.  Whether you are saving for retirement, planning for college expenses, or looking for a comprehensive financial plan, Surface Financial has the expertise you need. 

To learn more about our capability in the investment arena, please click the About or Investments links above. 

If you are unsure about the kind of life insurance that best suits you, check out a short article outlining some of the differences.  If you have questions about the costs and/or benefits the coverage provides, please Contact Us!